Charles H. Kitlitz

Senior Production Manager And World-Class Photo Editor

Brand Equity








esponsibilities for building elite special-teams

Working mainly on the business side of post-production, I’ve ensured that production teams met goals such as helping to remain competitive, projecting and stewarding the brand image, while introducing new concepts and innovative ideas.

In charge of hiring, managing, and organizing elite teams. Scheduling, delegating, multi-tasking, communication, organization, negotiation, and planning. Responsible for seeing pre and post-production through from beginning to end.

Photographic excellence and accurate color reproduction for high-end glamor magazine spots as well as consumer packaged goods of major brands in a robust portfolio. Offering the full spectrum of post-production creative service experience.

  1. Project management (print or web) trend experts. Concept through design and pre-press through print production.
  2. Heavily skilled in Adobe CC, digital approval processes, job tracking and CMS platforms.
  3. Imaging and color reproduction specialists.
  4. Strong time management skills with an emphasis in multitasking, organization and communication.


Individuals and teams will grow

Steeped in success from concept to reality, pre-production, photography, editing, and post-production pre-press. Coaching for results and seeing others succeed in their professional aspirations.

  1. Senior-level manager in a competitive agency environment.
  2. 30+ years of print industry experience with a successful track record of developing and executing multi-level strategies.
  3. Department leader for complex print and digital projects from concept to completion.
  4. Recruit, manage and develop cross-functional teams.
  5. Leadership abilities in team building, mentoring and managing creative and art production talent.
  6. Ability to meet tight deadlines and make decisive evaluations.
  7. Helping photographers build better portfolios. Editing existing projects, or develop new ones.


Stoking creative fires that blaze

My current passions rest in making Consumer Packaged Goods look their best on shelf. Photo-editing, retouching and color reproduction in all creative aspects for CPG.

  1. Current on design and print trends.
  2. Offering a full spectrum of post-production creative services.
  3. Project management (print or web). Design through pre-press and print production.
  4. Heavily skilled in Adobe software, digital approval processes, job tracking and CMS platforms.
  5. World-class imaging and color reproduction specialist.
  6. Strong time management skills with an emphasis in multitasking, organization and communication.


Achievements in visual greatness

As a creatively motivated photo editor and experienced leader, I’ve worked as a hands-on independent contractor or full-time employee for small, medium and large content providers, food companies, and marketing-promotional-advertising agencies.


Collaboration with extraordinary Professionals

Technical and creative management for external agencies, consumer engagement and creative departments. Long-term planning and direction of cross-functional organizations.


the difference between artistry and competence.”

Professional experience since 1986. I’ve worked exceptionally hard at developing my craft, applying my expertise to companies in mainstream organizations. I’m currently focused on print providers, advertising-promotional agencies and food companies.

Big Brand Experience

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